Always Better


It’s nearing the end of 2006 and a new year is upon us. During this time, many people like to declare “new year’s resolutions,” in which they decide to improve their habits for the upcoming year. Some will try to lose weight, work harder, quit drinking, try something new, be more charitable, etc. I have always found this practice to be somewhat annoying. This will not be a long article because my message is very simple: resolving to improve your life is a decision that should be made constantly, not just once a year. You should always be thinking of what is better. The habit of improving your life should be practiced daily, not only a few times in early January. A positive change to your life should be something that is implemented immediately, not planned for next year. There is little else I can say on the matter. In any situation, no matter what mistakes you’ve made or what problems lie ahead, you can always immediately search for what is best. Now is the first second of the rest of your life.