IV Revision Journal, Part 5


Every time I finish updating my treatise, I hope that Iíve made everything perfect and will consider viewing it as such forever. Alas, after three short months since the last revision, Iíve found several more grammatical errors and points I want to rephrase. Once again, Iíve changed the wording of the introduction. Itís tough to get it right because I have to make the same argument as in the very next paragraph but donít want to repeat myself. Part of me worries that readers may instantly reject how I say that something is good if it is desirable. Well, the dictionary is on my side and fundamentally, if something actually isnít good to someone, then it isnít really desirable to them, is it? (Then modus tollens can be used to confirm my original point.)


I made some grammar and wording changes over the next few paragraphs. I needed to rewrite the concept of ďnatural universeĒ again. I decided I needed a more practical and ďdo the best you canĒ approach rather than to just assert that matter and energy exist and are all that exists. Those points were most of the major changes. I also tried to soften the Economics section a little bit. This was to give more balance to a dilemma I have, which Iíll discuss in a later article. A Word file with all changes tracked is online.